I thought I'd put this up to share information about my site some of you may want to know about. Or perhaps better said, that I think of when I come to websites.  I'll try to update it regularly.  I set this site up on Sunday, September 12th at about 3:00pm.  Since then I've been tweaking and changing some things, and put word out to a few places I was fooling around with it.  This is a bit of a test for me, to learn SEO techniques and how to set a blog like this up.  I was also interested in ad revenue generated from a website or blog  like this.  I am only using Google Adsense and the Amazon Widget currently to generate money.  I'm not sure I set this up to be a money making internet sensation, but it is a fun experiment. 

As of September 13th, I've had 100 hits and my ad revenue is now $1.19

September 15th 

Over 200 hits now.  Learning about SEO and Backlinks. Fascinating stuff. 
Revenue from Adsense is now $4.30. 

September 17th

Hit count : 300
Ad Revenue: $6.43

Browser Wars: What's most popular?
Currently Google Chrome is used by 49% of clicks to this site.