Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot and Dangerous - New Ke$ha Video - "We R Who We R"

Alright.  You may or may not know we here at "A Man's Blog" are big Kesha fans. Not really sure why?  Maybe it's the catchy beats. Perhaps the wacky hair and outfits.  I'm leaning heavily to the downright sexy sound to her voice though.  I just can't wait to hear new Ke$ha tunes, and thought I'd share her newest video so you don't have to search hard to find it.  I read somewhere the song was written because Ke$ha was sad to be hearing about a lot of teen suicides in the US, because they were different and not fitting in. I guess that explains her leaping off a building in the video.  Other than that depressing little tidbit, it's pure Ke$ha fun here. Wild makeup, wild hair, hot mouth, and ooh the voice.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Dead Man Riding : Motorcycle Youtube Video

It's been a while since I posted anything here. Life and a work hunt take away the pleasure of spending time on my blog these days.  I came across this video from a variety of sources today and thought I would share.  While it's often impressive to watch a guy break every traffic law known to man, we also have to shake our heads at the idiocy and brass cajones of somebody to actually pull this off and live to post it to Youtube.  Yes I think this rider is certifiable, and probably not on this Earth much longer if he keeps it up. Enjoy his work while he's alive. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

80's Dating Video, Special from Youtube

Couldn't resist throwing this gem of a video up. Clips taken from dating services video in the 1980's.  I think some of these folks might still be available if any of you ladies are in the market!  I don't know why I've never tried this pick up line myself, "Life is a playground, and I'm looking for someone to, uhm, play with."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pet of the Week : Pinky the Cat

Couldn't resist adding this timeless piece to my collection.  Pinky is rather feisty! I felt bad for the poor bugger while he's doing his flips and jukes, then laughed at the misfortune of the poor soul holding the leash.  Let this be another lesson, that leashes are for dogs, cages are for cats. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Slash plays Anthem at LA Kings Home Opener

No I'm not an American, but I am a hockey fan, and a major Slash fan. Guitar god that he is, Slash played the Star Spangled Banner on October 12th, 2010 before the LA Kings v. Atlanta Thrashers game.   I always enjoy watching him bend the Gibson strings and make that thing sound like only he can. Just makes me wish I had the patience to continue my learning of the guitar. Enjoy. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why Henrik Sedin Will, and Should Be, the Next Captain

As I sit here drinking my hot coffee on this rainy Saturday, waiting for the 40th Vancouver Canucks season to officially begin, I decided to weigh in on a topic that's been thrown about since Roberto Luongo was removed as Captain. (I don't buy the "spin")  While looking at the current Canucks roster I see four potential candidates to be named Captain of the team, by whichever means the organization decides to choose.  Whether it's installed by the management and coaching staff, or voted upon by the players themselves. The latter being the truest form of picking the most popular choice by the players themselves. Below is the list of these candidates I've identified and my pro's and con's for each. 

Dan Hamhuis
A new addition to the team via free agency this off-season. Hamhuis brings with him a very well respected reputation as a top 4 blue liner who spent the first years of his career in a relative shadow.  This is not saying he wasn't identified by hockey people in the league as a good player, but he had been playing in a non hockey market, on a mediocre but not terrible team, the Nashville Predators.  Furthering his perhaps lack of 'star power' in Nashville was that the team was loaded with good young defencemen, non more influential than Shea Weber. Hamhuis is now joining a Vancouver team with a solid group of defencemen, but none this writer would call 'superstars.'  He will get big minutes shared with the likes of newly acquired Keith Ballard, Alexander Edler and Christian Ehrhoff.  Hamhuis is a solid player and a hard worker, and a native of British Columbia.  While these traits are sought after by any organization looking to name a Captain, the fact he's in his first year with a club with new teammates, and in a hockey mad market that he's yet had to deal with is a real detriment to his 'bid' for any Captaincy. 
Alex Burrows
Probably one of the most under rated players on the team outside the market of Vancouver, Alex Burrows is the type of story Disney likes to pick up and market to the feel good crowd. If not for his ornery play on the ice, and an NC-17 rating for bad language, the movie would be a hit.  Burrows, an undrafted member of the team, has the rags to riches story that makes everyone smile. Toiling in obscurity in the ECHL, Burrows' remarkable work ethic and willingness to do anything to help his teams win eventually was noticed by the Canucks organization.  Working his way through the ranks a la EA Sports NHL "Be a Player Mode" has seen Alex move from the ECHL to the AHL, to top line duty with two of the organizations greatest players.  Nothing was ever handed to Burrows, he worked his butt off for every second of ice time through two different coaches with his NHL club.  This is the type of guy that normally would be named Captain of a club, solely for his perseverance and work ethic that is still on display most nights he suits up for his team.  He scores, hits, agitates and rallies his team when needed.  The downside for Burrows is his reputation outside the team, and perhaps quietly inside, for being a dirty player and doesn't stand up and fight when something questionable happens. An organization will struggle in the PR department, if this type of player is the 'face of the franchise.'
Ryan Kesler
Kesler, a two time Selke nominee, star US Olympian and now second line center for the Canucks is another candidate for the title of Captain Canuck. Kesler, drafted by the team and recently extended to a long term deal, has never played for another NHL team.  His skating ability and work ethic has long been his best attributes, and has continued to improve his game to make him one of the best two-way players in the NHL today.  Kesler really did make a name for himself in the NHL the previous two years by being noticed and becoming a finalist for the Selke trophy, and continued to impress hockey observers by his play in the best on best Olympic tournament held in Vancouver.  He is probably many of the fans of the Canucks favourite player, and perhaps an equally close favourite to be named Captain beside Henrik Sedin.  Kesler's major detractor to his bid for Captain of the team has to be his mouth.  Kesler really annoyed many Canadian hockey fans and media by attacking our country during the Olympics with statements like, "Canada? I hate them."  Now most of us in Vancouver know that is just Kesler being his agitating self, but outside the market it was not received well. Kesler is well known to really get under the skin of opposing players, and sometimes does not hold his tongue in what I would call a 'classy' way after the game.  An organization really does want a spokesperson as Captain, and having a sometimes brash, obnoxious, arrogant individual as the face of your franchise is probably not the best antidote for brand identity.  Having said that, Kesler is a very effective player with those attributes and the Canucks team and organization are happy to have him on their side. 
Henrik Sedin
Coming off a remarkable season in which Henrik Sedin played a good portion without his twin sidekick Daniel, and still managed to put up league leading point totals, and a Hart trophy win, Henrik is the hands on favourite to be named the next Captain of the team. H. Sedin was drafted by then Canucks GM Brian Burke, along with his twin brother, in probably one of the best moves a GM has ever made in this league in draft day.  The ability to draft two of the top three ranked players in one draft so they could play together like they had since being children is still a great feat for the bombastic Burke.  Initially a bit of a laughing stock in this town for some sometimes soft play, the Sedin twins have become permanent fixtures on the team's top line the previous four seasons. Their ability to find one another and their other line mate with blind passes and sometimes ridiculous creativity, should be pushing the two of them into league stardom if it hasn't already.  Henrik for his part, played with many different players during his brothers injury last season, and continued to make dazzling passes and chipped in by scoring goals.  Henrik has a relentless pursuit of improving his play and skills every year, always comes to camp in great shape, and continues to improve his statistical numbers year over year. Combined with his well spoken, respectful demeanor in public, and his ability to help out the community in which he plays is why he's my odds on favourite to be named the next Canucks Captain. 

It could be that by the time this is read, the Canucks will have formally announced a Captain.  When I hit the post button, I had yet to hear the official announcement. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rather Interesting Video Site called "Icefilms"

Someone directed me to a site this evening in which I was told hosted movies and TV shows and it was so detailed and extensive he cancelled his satellite subscription because everything he ever wanted to watch was there.  I had to check it out, and it does seem quite expansive. 

I'm not sure the legality of the site, I am not a lawyer.   I'm always one to rent or buy movies I like, but some may not care.  It's certainly a good spot to check out an episode you missed of your favorite show that got deleted off the PVR by mistake. 

I thought I'd let my many followers and fans know about this site, so they can make their own decision if they want to use it or not.  You don't need to be too terribly net savvy, but you do need to ensure you do a couple things at the site. The is an IQS file link on the top that you need to download and install. It is a browser extension (kind of like flash). I installed on my Google Chrome and it didn't blow my computer up and Chrome saw it as an extension, no problem. (Have not checked it with IE or Firefox)

The other is you need to install a Divx web player. There is a link on the home page of the site for you to download it. Not to worry, Divx (if you haven't heard of it) is a very reputable company who has created a video compression methodology which allows high quality content to be stored in a smaller file and read or played through your computer or even many DVD players now.  It is not something the site with the videos links has created or marketed. 
I was going to put up a sample video, but decided against it. :) 
Finally, some films may not have sound. This requires another quick install of the AC-3 Filter Audio Codec.  You can find a link to it on the site as well. 

The website you want to go to is (yes you can put the www in front)

Yes it works.


Louis CK Hits

I decided to share some funny Louis CK clips today.  About a year ago I saw him Live and in person downtown in the big city. It was a good show, if not for the fact we had to walk 10 blocks in the heaviest downpour of rain I'd seen in a long time.  Crammed into the little seats at the Orpheum, soaking wet, full of meat from the Brazilian Samba BBQ place we ate at, kind of put a 'damper' on things, but it was still a good show.

Enjoy the magic of stand up. 

WARNING : Not for the little ones!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Canucks Final Roster Shown on CDC ?

It appears the website is tipping the hand of it's GM and coaching staff with what appears to be a final roster listed.  Fresh off a 6-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks, many of the members of the game roster are suddenly no longer listed as "Roster Players" on the team's official website.  Missing from the list are hopeful Canuck roster players Jeff Tambellini and Cody Hodgson.  Still no word on whether Brendan Morrison or Peter Schaefer will be offered contracts for the big club this season.  Here is the list directly from and the link to the actual site. Canucks Roster

15TANNER GLASS  6' 1"21029 NOV 198326REGINA, SK, CAN
36JANNIK HANSEN  6' 1"19515 MAR 198624HERLEV, DNK
17RYAN KESLER "A" 6' 2"20231 AUG 198426LIVONIA, MI, USA
37RICK RYPIEN  5' 11"19016 MAY 198426COLEMAN, AB, CAN
13RAFFI TORRES  6' 0"2168 OCT 198128TORONTO, ON, CAN

3KEVIN BIEKSA  6' 1"19816 JUN 198129GRIMSBY, ON, CAN
2DAN HAMHUIS  6' 1"20913 DEC 198227SMITHERS, BC, CAN
55SHANE O'BRIEN  6' 3"2309 AUG 198327PORT HOPE, ON, CAN
29AARON ROME  6' 1"21827 SEP 198327NESBITT, MB, CAN
6SAMI SALO  6' 3"2122 SEP 197436TURKU, FIN
35CORY SCHNEIDER  6' 2"19518 MAR 198624SALEM, MA, USA