Quads/Dirt Bikes

A few years ago, after riding my YZ 250 F around on my own, I decided I wanted to get the kids into riding with me.  After researching the best options to get the girls on four wheeled machines, I went ahead and bought my first Chinese brand ATV.  I bought my oldest a Gio Mini Beast 110cc.
Gio Mini Best 110cc
Gio Mini Beast 110cc

After spending a good 8 hours assembling this product with virtually no instructions I gained a new appreciation for my mechanical skills, or lack there of. (Matter of opinion) It is here where I gained a new love for these machines. No, they are not refined, polished, or anything close to a hard core off road machine. What they are is just plain fun for those of us who like to pilot wrenches and tinker. My daughter and I love this machine. Almost two years later, it's still running, and still requiring maintenance. It's unfortunate it's almost a bit small for her now, but she still enjoys it, and it might be time for a new Gio quad soon, one a little larger. I know this particular machine very well now, and despite it's quirks I'm pretty much able to repair anything that pops up. It bred more of these in my household, and the next one to arrive was a 50cc Mini ATV for my youngest. 
200cc Gio Beast 

Following the 50cc I managed to find a dead 200cc Beast on Craigslist which I picked up for a song, and promptly repaired, rode, repaired again, upgraded, rode, repaired, upgraded and so on and so on. The 200cc Beast now has performance shocks, Mikuni Carb jetted, Performance CDi and plug wire, RK MXZ 428 Chain, 150cc Monster Exhaust and a whole bunch more.  This page is where I will detail tech updates for these products for fellow ChinaRiders, and how-to's to get the most out of your quads and dirt bikes. 

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