NFL Football

Ahh the NFL. I used to be anti NFL. Maybe it was my patriotism for everything Canadian as a youth that made me turn my back to it. I'd watch Hamilton versus Toronto in the CFL before watching the just south of me Seattle Seahawks play. 

I think it was 1994 when I started taking more than a passing interest in the NFL. This would've been the first year I was no longer a season ticket holder of the BC Lions. 

I don't even know how I glamored onto one team. Perhaps it was the uniform colors, although that sounds mighty girlie. You see, my high school football teams uniform was patterned after the Black and Yellow of the Steelers. My girls affectionately call them, "The Bee Team." 

So there I was one night, watching the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Miami Dolphins. The infamous Neil O'Donnell chucking passes and Bam Morris pounding the ball through the line.  I loved the aggressive defense and in your face play... then there was my all time coaching hero, Bill Cowher on the sidelines. Damn was that guy entertaining!  I still miss him, and wish he'd get all pissed off and start yelling at his support cast on the CBS broadcasts, just for old times sake. Mike Tomlin is fine, but he's no entertaining sideshow like Coach Cowher. 

..and there it was. I was hooked on Steelers football. I've been watching ever since. More and more now that I get multiple games (most weekends) on different HD channels through Shaw Cable.  I do miss Jerome "The Bus' Bettis and hope Mr. Mendenhall can do some damage.  I'm very disappointed in Ben R, for his indiscretions. I don't look up to any sports figure or athlete, but sure wish they could appreciate their gifts and talents and stay out of trouble. I cheer for Hines Ward and Troy "Hair" Polamalu loudly, and they are my two favourite players on the team. 

So here's to a hopeful good season and another shot at the Super Bowl for all of us in Steeler nation!