Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot and Dangerous - New Ke$ha Video - "We R Who We R"

Alright.  You may or may not know we here at "A Man's Blog" are big Kesha fans. Not really sure why?  Maybe it's the catchy beats. Perhaps the wacky hair and outfits.  I'm leaning heavily to the downright sexy sound to her voice though.  I just can't wait to hear new Ke$ha tunes, and thought I'd share her newest video so you don't have to search hard to find it.  I read somewhere the song was written because Ke$ha was sad to be hearing about a lot of teen suicides in the US, because they were different and not fitting in. I guess that explains her leaping off a building in the video.  Other than that depressing little tidbit, it's pure Ke$ha fun here. Wild makeup, wild hair, hot mouth, and ooh the voice.

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