Thursday, September 16, 2010

Canucks Ramblings..

I really should blast off about the thoughts on the 'team' tonight.  I have a lot of thoughts in my head but just not sure which way would be best. 

I do find it quite funny that here we are again at the start of training camp and the debate is on about who gets to play with the twins.  Like really?  Haven't we talked about this over and over and over again?  A new year and Bust His Butt Burrows is hurting and won't be in the lineup so the revolving door it is once again.

Mikael, Raffi, Jordan heck lets put Ryp there in case Hank gets run over.  I think that's the best plan. Then the twins can just pass the puck to each other and let Rypien pinball around in front of the net and punch people out after the whistle.  Who needs to pad someone else's stats? Maybe they can both get 150 points that way? ..oh yeah, and we get to see Rypien beat people up more often. Sounds good to me!

Again we have the hot rookie chat. The big studs coming out of junior into the big leagues, the fans and media pumping up their prospects like they're Sidney Crosby x 2.  Cody Hodgson believed the pressure last year and wouldn't give himself a day off trying to live up to those expectations and the kid is still hurting from it. What a shame! Take it from me I know what a bad back does to you, never seems to go away. Another blue chip prospect of the Canucks getting destroyed by this market. 

If Jordan Schraeder makes this team I'll be SHOCKED.  I bet he's a third liner in Manitoba this year.  Hope he likes the snow and cold. Brr. 

My message to Canucks supporters and media. Stop putting so much pressure on these kids. Let them come in here, get some experience and develop without thinking they're all world, second liners. It's just not realistic.  We probably do more damage to the success of our team in the long run with this kind of pressure. 



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