Friday, September 17, 2010

Gymkhana Three : Best Youtube Video I've Ever Seen

I had to switch gears (almost literally) away from my Vancouver Canucks posts of late to show this video on my blog. This is a site called "A Man's Blog" after all, and if you're a man, you'll like this! If you don't like it, hmm, I'd be checking for a set..

I saw this posted to a forum I frequent and I laughed in amazement the whole way through. It sure doesn't look like video trickery... This man can DRIVE!!  Awesome, other than it's a Ford, but I'll forgive him.

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  1. They certainly don't sound cool like big old V8's that's for sure...he sure is working that rev limiter though.

  2. that sucked lol he hit the dirt once. the was some amazing driving thats for sure.