Friday, September 17, 2010

Vancouver Canucks: Training Camp Eve

Hello Hockey Season!

The Canucks veterans report to main camp tomorrow, to begin which should be an interesting pre-season. Made more interesting in the announcement that Cody Hodgson WILL be at camp with the vets.  This blogger certainly hopes the young fellow isn't pushing it once again, and is completely healthy. We all understand his passion and desire to play in the NHL and make a name for himself in the pro's, but Cody, I know you're reading, DON'T MAKE IT WORSE.  

My "The Hockey News" season preview features a cover shot of one Henrik Sedin(next Swedish Captain?) announcing he now has the Hart Trophy, is Stanley Next?  Yes you read it, a eastern based magazine calling the Canucks their choice for winning the Stanley Cup?  Huh?  Did I read that right?

 Our team a favourite? For the Cup? I think they also said the Leafs have done enough to make the playoffs too, so I'll take their opinions with a grain of salt, thanks.  Naming Dion Captain just isn't enough Burkie!

Who's going to play with the twins while ... wait, I'm not going THERE again. 

Happy to see one of the Canucks fans beloved heroes returning for a try out. Poor Brendan, a try out?  Why not a contract offer?  The man bleeds Canucks blue more than most others who've adorned the ugly snarling Orca.(Or is it smiling?)  He's such an all round player who can play the PP, the PK, is liked by his teammates and can put up numbers when healthy. Not to mention he just adds to the team's already decent foot speed with the likes of Kesler, Raymond, Burrows and Grabner...wait we traded him.. you know what I mean.  Hodgson aside, I like Mo on the third line pushing Kesler at 2, keeping him honest. We all know Kes can get banged up and hurt his mouth yapping, so having Morrison back there to take his spot is a good thing.  This writer hopes the Canucks do the right thing and offer him a spot, if he earns it. I think he has already.

More to come as training camp hits. Here's hoping for no injuries to the stars, and a few good tilts!


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