Monday, September 13, 2010

Luongo Relieved of Captaincy for Vancouver Canucks

Oh! The Drama!

So I just happened to read the news about Roberto Luongo "resigning" his Captaincy of the Canucks.  Why does this team have such a hard time managing their goaltenders?  It doesn't seem to matter who is in charge of the organization, it's always a goalie graveyard here.  I understand the public and the fan base is pretty hard on them as well, but really.. let's think about this. 

We bring this man in, call him our saviour in net, then proceed to bombard him with pressure and expectations. He stands on his head in year one and that increases the pressure he's faced through expectations and a sudden captaincy.  A goalie a captain? Come on, there's a reason it's not allowed within the rulebook, and everyone who's known, played or followed the game of hockey knows this was a bad idea.  He has some down years, and now we're further humiliating the man by taking it away.  I'm sorry, I don't believe for a second he walked into his meeting with Mike Gillis and said, "Here, take it, I don't want it."  He's too proud an athlete to do something like that. 

I hope for all supporting this team that this doesn't further Roberto Luongo's decline to the minors.  He needs to step up big time this year, and I'm sorry I just don't see this as a good move for the psyche of this player. 

Who's going to replace him?  The quiet, shy, Henrik Sedin? He's a great player but I don't see him as a Captain. 

Ryan Kesler? The bombastic, loud mouth, in your face everybody hates listening to him including his teammates American?  Ugh, I hope not. 

The obvious choice was Willie Mitchell, oh wait, he was damaged goods, discarded by his hometown team, and signed elsewhere. Oops.

Let's just give it to Ryp, perhaps he can take all that 'pressure' it puts on him and exert it by punching someone harder in the face, lord knows he needs a bit more power in his piston punch.

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